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What are rainforests?

Rainforests are a different kind of forest that are home to many different kinds of flaura and fauna. They can be found in many sifferent locations and they have many threats. The climate is different to your home right now. Also the structure is amazing.
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Even though the rain is always falling, it is still very hot and humid. Did you know that the rainforest recieves nearly 200cm of rain each year. This rain creates large rivers. In fact, rainforests have the largest rivers! These large rivers are also fed by smaller rivers.
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You can find these amazing forests in Australia, Africa, Asia and South/Central America. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the largest rainforest in the world! Rainforests can be found in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The areas with the largest amount of rainforest are:Congo, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia. They used to cover 14% of the earths surface but now only cover 2%.


There are 4 layers of a rainforest. The top of the trees is called the emergent layer, the middle of the trees is called the canopy, the bottom of the trees is called the understory and the floor is called the forest floor. Did you know that even though it is up in the trees, the canopy is the most popular area for flaura and fauna? The forest floor is dark and humid due to all the sun coverage of the trees leaves make. An important word in rainforest language is decompisition. It is important because it is another word for how things break down,which is is what what the rainforestdoes to certain things. The trees in the rainforest are responsible for giving us oxygen. The Amazon rainforest alone produces 20% of our oxygen!