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Barton Middle School Teacher Newsletter

Wow! It's So Awesome to Be a Bobcat!

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SIM-ply Marvelous Start

Barton Student's Staying on Course

Linking 4 Success!

Farmer's Students Sing About Photosynthesis

Social Studies DYOD their PBL and SIM

{It's All About the Stache}

Barton embraces the mustache. Mr. Taylor... we are waiting for the {{Mustache}}

Talk Read Talk Write and the Kernel

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Combining TRTW with Kernel Essays

In Talk Read Talk Write, the teacher facilitates structured conversations, holds students accountable for active participation, and supports them to move toward successful independent reading and writing. It can be paired up easily with the kernel essays. Homann's students were doing TRTW along with the kernel essay writing for Lab Safety this week.
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Where to Place My ELLs?

The way students are arranged in the classroom can affect the dynamic of each lesson taught. Take a look at your classroom. Your classroom is most likely crowded with students whose primary home language is not English. If you need help with your ELL seating chart - let me know. I will be glad to help.

"I just wanted to share with you that your seating chart is working miracles. The ELLS sit across my front row and I call on people randomly. When they are called on, they seem less embarrassed to answer to answer because they are in front. My "Smart Kids" are in the back, but yesterday one of my ELLS answered a question a student in the back students couldn't answer... I'm seeing an increase in participation and confidence."

- JoAnn Goynes