Library Lookout

January 12, 2016


-If you have a student taking a MAP test at a different time or with a different teacher (SpEd), you need to follow a different set of directions to set up your students. Please see email.

-In the lab, you will find:

  • updated directions
  • directions on what to do if students do not finish (called suspending test)
  • 30 pencils and scratch paper

-Students should read silently in the computer lab when they finish the test.

-To show students where to go, use the posters or projector.

-Please have students X out of MAP testing before your class leaves, but do NOT have them log out of the computers.

-For makeups, you should NOT need to set up a testing session and password. Lisa will be doing this.

-The computer lab and APPLE/PEAR printers are closed for testing through Monday, January 25.
You may print and pick up printouts before and after school and between noon - 1 pm.

-Library classes will continue as normal.

iPad Keyboards

Reminder: the iPad keyboards must be signed out using the shared Google Calendar called Keyboards.

When you sign out the keyboards, include how many bins of keyboards you are borrowing. For example: Talbert - 2 bins

PLEASE return the keyboards at the end of your scheduled time! We have 75 keyboards, but we haven't seen 3 of the 5 bins in months. It is the same process as checking out laptops and Chromebooks. If you need help with the calendars, please let Natalie or Lisa know.

Plagiarism Examples

If anyone has any examples of plagiarism, please share them with me!

I need examples to teach the concept, especially to 3-5th graders, and everything I can find is for junior high. I would NEVER include the student's name.