Have a Hoot with Kahoot!

Fun, Easy, Quiz Game for Education or Training

Kahoot! eCourse for BISD CoffeeBreak with Technology

What is Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is a game-based learning response system for schools, universities, and businesses. Great learning starts by asking great questions. How you ask them makes a world of difference, too! Kahoot provides a way to present questions to your students/audience in an engaging way.

Here is Kahoot! in action in a classroom!

A year 8 music class plays Kahoot!

Let's Get Started With Kahoot!

Please watch the tutorial video below. If you require more assistance, then please follow along with the stepped instructions below the video.
Kahoot Tutorial

Question Crafting: Helpful Tips

When creating your questions, here are some helpful tips to make life easier:

  1. Create a file where you have already crafted the questions and answers.
  2. Your answer choices will be limited to four choices for obvious playability purposes.
  3. If you would like to include images or videos in your quiz, then find/download them beforehand.
  4. Keep in mind how long it may take to read the question and answers before setting your timer.

Finishing Touches

  • Reorder questions to provide a flow to your quiz.
  • Select a language, whether it will be public or private, difficulty level, and your audience.
  • Enter in a description and add tags so it can easily found when searched for.
  • Add a cover image for extra pop!
  • Select Done, when finished.

Faster is Funner

Being fast AND correct is the key. Audience members that are correct and fastest will make the top 5 leaderboard after each question. At the end of the quiz, there is an option to receive feedback about how educational, fun, etc. your quiz was.

You'll have a hoot with Kahoot! Try it out today, and your students or audience will love you for it!

To Receive eCourse Credit

In order to fulfill the requirements for this eCourse, please return to Eduphoria and take the assessment.

Jeremy Johnston

I am a technology teacher, and teaching students is my passion. Technology is a gateway for students to own their education and direct our world of tomorrow.