Weekly News

March 9th-13th

Happenings of the week:

We had a great FULL week of Kindergarten! Hopefully all of the snow is gone and Spring is just around the corner!! The students enjoyed having outside recess this week for the first time in a while!!!

We also have really been enjoying our STEM unit!! WE learned many new vocabulary terms and found out how an engineer uses science, technology and math to solve problems. We observed and manipulated many types of technology and machines. We looked at an egg beaters, can openers, glue sticks and mechanical pencils. WE wrote how these items work, what materials they are made of and what problems they solve.

We had a fabulous time in math continuing to learn about non-standard measurement. We learned how to estimate and measure items using snap cubes, paper clips, links, our hands and feet! We also learned the math terms length, weight, and capacity. Students used scaled to weigh different classroom items and compare the weight to a friend's item. We recorded our answers in our math journals. We also estimated and filled different sized containers to capacity!

In language arts we continued to focus on cause and effect! We read the book My lucky day.Students wrote about what main idea of the story and the details in the story. Students also wrote about events in the story for cause and effect. Example: The piglet was dirty ( cause) the fox gave him a bath ( effect). Students also enjoyed showing their creative side by writing an alternate ending ending to the story! Students also learned the amazing words: filthy, piglet, fox, lucky, cook and scrubber.Students wrote the definition of these words, illustrated pictures and wrote sentences and examples of these words. Students also write creative stories using these words.

Check out some of our fun!!!

video of us singing the BLUES!!!


  • The St Patrick's day dance will be next Tuesday! Wear green!
  • The Leprechaun traps will be due Tuesday!
  • Practice the parts for the Spring play!

Have a great weekend!!