down syndrome

by peyton johnson

what it is

Down syndrome is caused by birth by direct observation and genetic testing. down sydrom is were people have an extra chromosome the either have a copy of a chromosome or a partial copy of one.

what it looks like

Mental impairmentAbnormal teethStunted growthSlanted eyesUmbilical herniaShortened handsIncreased skin back of neckShort neck Low muscle tone Obstructive sleep apneaNarrow roof of mouthBent fifth finger tipBrushfield spots in the irisFlexible ligamentsSingle transverse palmar creaseLarge tongueProtruding tongueAbnormal outer ear Congenital heart diseaseFlattened nose.Strabismus]Separation of 1st and 2nd toesUndescended testicles

some of the kids

is it sex linked

The ds is sex linked it is when meiosis does not occur properly.


Down syndrom is not cureable but there is a treat ment for it.