Vote for Leah

Member Of Youth Parliament

Hi I am Leah Willan from Valley Gardens Middle School and I'm running for your next youth parliament member for North Tyneside and I'm writing to you to ask if I can count on your vote for me.

Why you should vote for me

  • I think I would be an amazing youth parliament member because I'm friendly, Bubbly and very approachable so you would be able to ask or email me any questions or things you want me to bring up in the meeting without being afraid.
  • I come up with lots of interesting ideas that could help transform the place you live and opportunities to how you think it should be.
  • I work hard at all tasks I get set around North Tyneside and I never leave a task unfinished


  • I will give you more say in decisions made around North Tyneside
  • I will encourage new businesses providing services for young people to come to North Tyneside .
  • I will give you more opportunities for after school activities around North tyneside

Youth Parliament Member Voting

Friday, Jan. 1st, 12pm to Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 4pm

This is an online event.