Electronic Signatures in ESPED

Required Equipment

  • Ipad or computer with touch screen
  • Finger or stylus

Electronic Signatures

  • Save time
  • After ARD is signed electronically, you can automatically archive and print the ARD
  • ESPED is constantly adding electronic signature fields (not every report currently allows for electronic signatures)

Reports Currently NOT Enabled with Electronic Signatures

  • One time medicaid consent form
  • STAAR Alt 2 Participation requirements
  • Receipt of Rights

On tablet or touch screen computer navigate to signature page

  • Tap the signature field you wish to sign on
Big image

Use the Draw it Tab, sign in the box, then select save

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After all signatures have been obtained use the Print/Archive tab to print and archive in one step

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From the bundle list, select the report you wish to print and select print final copy

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You will print the document from the browser

To Archive

  • To rename the document type in the Archive Comment text box
  • Select the year folder from the drop down
  • Select archive type from the drop down
  • Select Archive
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All ARDs are to be immediately archived