April 2014

Loveable Locket Ladies Newsletter

March Madness!

How did we do this March...

Well amazing duh! Love this team!

Whoot whoot we rounded out the month with a whopping..... 9906.85 in PV woooohoooo! Way to go ladies!!!!


Wooohoooo I'm offering a super fun incentive which will run from March end of April! That means you have about 2 more weeks to get some entries in! I'll be drawing for a winner in May! For each task you complete you will get another entry to win.... drum roll please! A CUSTOM CAR DECAL made by yours truly and marketing approved of course! Who's up for some fun!? The winners decal will be similar to above, we can customize it to your needs (ie. w/ or w/o phone number).

Point System:
2 entries for each SH webinar attended LIVE
1 entry for each SH webinar watched as a play back
1 entry for each corporate webinar watched
1 entry for each 500 in PV
3 entries for each new recruit
1 entry for any helpful tips or tricks you share on the loveable lockets page

-I will keep track of PV and recruits, to let me know you've completed one of the other tasks i'll set up a document on our team page where you can post your "take aways" from our weekly webinars and tips and tricks!

Sometimes, Less IS More!

Have you ever sat through a homeparty at a friend’s home before, with your lips pursed and your insides in a twist, because you are just dying for the consultant to finish their dreary, long-winded presentation? I know I have. That’s why I encourage you to put yourself in the guests’ shoes when you are a direct seller. They are there to socialize, see the products, and shop. They are not there to hear a forty minute dissertation, no matter how fascinating you are.

It's NOT All or Nothing!

The purpose of an “infomercial” at your jewelry bars is to succinctly and engagingly present pertinent information about the benefits of reserving a jewelry bar, the special qualities of your product, and to invite guests to entertain the idea of becoming a designer. Remember to keep things short and sweet you have about 10 minutes before your guests will start losing attention! The more you practice the easier things will get!

Prime Your Hostess

When you arrive at your party, and are setting up your jewelry bar display, be sure to engage in conversation with your hostess. If you want to avoid the formal sit down presentation try this approach! After greeting her, complimenting some aspect of her living space, and thanking her for having you, ask her a few key things:

Michelle, I have a favor to ask of you. About a half an hour into the party, I am going to need just a few quick minutes to talk to your guests to give them a simple overview of what to expect tonight. It’s not a big presentation or anything like that, but it is really important that we do this so that no one is waiting around for something to happen! So, at about 7:30, I’m going to ask you if most of your guests are here. Most likely, there will be a couple that you are waiting on. That’s OK. We can catch them up to speed later. At that time, if you could help me by asking your guests to grab their drinks and food and head on over to the jewelry bar, that would be so helpful! This is going to be so much fun for you! And, hey, you never know! This could be like training for you to be an Origami Owl designer like me!”…

Warm Up Your Crowd

To get the attention of your guests, one method that has been very useful is instituting a raffle. As guests arrive, once you’ve done the Meet & Greet, follow-up with handing them a customer care form (you can find these in the Back Office). As you are handing this to them, say, “If you fill this out completely, you will be entered into a raffle that I’m drawing tonight after I speak for _______ (free charm, free shipping, whatever works for you, adjust depending upon group size) .” This way, not only are you getting their information and thoughts on paper right away, you are letting them know that you will be speaking and they’ll need to wait until after your speech to draw. This is just an idea. It isn’t a necessity. Sometimes, you have to pull something out of your bag of tricks, depending on the crowd.Then, this is what you can say:

“Hi Everybody! If you could grab yourself a snack and refill your drink, meet me over at the jewelry bar in two minutes!”

THEN: “My name is Kayla, and I am your Origami Owl Designer! Firstly, I want to thank everyone for coming today! Also, I want to thank Michelle for being an efficient, gracious hostess, and picking a date on my calendar to host today. For doing that, I’d like to start her off with a little gift as a token of good things to come from her Jewelry Bar!” (As you say this, hand the hostess a gift bag. In it, is a gift of your choice: something to enhance what she will receive as Hostess Reward Items. for instance hand cream; to that, you can say, “So your hands look lovely when you’re showing off your Origami Owl bracelet!” Or a jewelry roll "to house all of the hostess rewards you'll be recieving! )

“When you reserve a jewelry bar with me, you will receive a gift, too! Michelle knows there’s a lot more where that came from! Look what she’s wearing! That’s an example of a Hostess FREEBIE!” (dangles work great for this)

Remember! You are planting the initial seeds to get guests thinking about hosting a party of their own.

Give Yourself Visual Reminders

If you're anything like me you get in front of a room and forget everything you've practiced! Don't worry that's totally okay! I like to use a binder with those clear inserts... I have one side with a graphic of sorts and the backside of the next with notes or bullet points for things I need to remember. I flip the graphic over the side showing it off to my guests with the notes on the next sheet pertaining to that graphic. Make sense?

You'll want to include things like:

-Your why, maybe a photo of your family or a trip to the vacation destination you're saving for
-Roll this into how your life has changed and share the opportunity of joining
-Hostess rewards
-Points of difference - touch on what our products are made of
-Season photos/gift ideas
-Local ideas (my guests love green bay packer lockets, haha)

Who's Movin' Up!

Holy canoli! Two girls bumped up to Team Leader this month, can we get a big round of applause for Stephannie Blish and April Lentkowski! Woooohooooo! Rockstars!!!

Welcome to the team!!!

Welcome to our newest Owls we are so excited to have you! Be sure to soak up all of the training so that you can rock your new business!

Michealann Ellis
Tia Williams
Lynn Ellis
Lauren Harris
Robyn Martinez
Jessica Apsey

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