The Interruption of Cell Phones

By: Amanda Cohen and Sydney Kermath

How we will do it

Ever been in class and see someone constantly on their phone and takes your attention away from the class? Well we're trying to fix that problem by trying to end people from distracting other int he class and to not use their phone while the teachers talking. We will have 2-3 trials to get our data and to test out our experiment. During the first trial, we will observe in the corner of how many people use their phone in class while the teacher is talking in order to get our data. During the second and third trial, we will do the same thing, but this time we tell the students that they can put their phone in the center of the table and if you don't touch your phone, you get something. Our goal at the end of these trials are to make students not use their phone while the teacher is talking/teaching.

wrap up summary

After collecting the data we need, we are expecting a very high number. The amount of students that use their phone while the teacher is talking is very high and hopefully, we can prove that.