Yearbook-Wonderful Memories

By: Hadil Noori

The yearbook is a student run publication that publishes a 192 page full color publication that represents the school year for WEST FARGO HIGH SCHOOL students faculty. Anyone can join yearbook if they have a c-average or better in English.

The students meet every day for a period of the school day and sometimes after school in Room 122G. Being part of yearbook is very helpful because it helps students to become career ready, and also helps with their writing skills as will. Mr. Murphy said, "since yearbook is student run stuff members practice collaboration, critical thinking creativity, interpersonal communication skills, interviewing skills and without yearbook many stories would go untold and many students wouldn’t be as informed."Yearbook helps students prepare for the workforce by practicing the skills that employers are looking for today.

If you need more information about yearbook, contact Mr. murphy in room 122G.