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Merry Marquette Christmas!

Will You Have Nine?

Okay, so as we all know second quarter we are all requiered to have 9 accelerated maths done. UGH I KNOW RIGHT!? If your on track you should have six (I dont even yet) I STRONGLY suggest that we do as many as we can over Thanksgiving break. Christmas is comming fast!

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Canned Foods

Remember to bring in canned foods for Mr. Theabans canned foods drive

Acelerated Math

Take one home over the break! YOU NEED NINE

Christmas Jars

Bring in spare change for the christmas jars.

6th Grade Top Songs

1. Roar (Katy Perry) 50%

2. Royals (Lorde) 40%

3. Counting Stars (One Republic) 10%

Katy Perry - Roar (Lyric Video)


Hey Guys! Christmas is coming! This means lots of things... Busy malls, frantic parents, lights, cookies, candy canes, two weeks off school, and lots of other stuff. For school though it means advent assemblies, FINALS, and christmas jars. So make sure you keep these things in mind as we approach this extremely special holiday.

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