Kurt Vonnegut

What is a challenged Book?

Challenged books are usually not allowed to be taught in high school a curriculum because of the Explicit content, violent use of words, and they can sometimes be sexually explicit. Many parents complain to schools that their child should not be reading these types of books. This is usually why books make it onto the challenged book list.

Why Should Slaughter House Five not be Banned.

I believe a child or teen should be deprived from reading a book. Challenged books should be in High school a curriculum because teens are mature enough to handle explicit material. Most teens these days have been exposed to more explicit things than books like slaughter house such as Violent video games. Slaughter House Five Explains many different types of themes such as the destruction of war. This Book also teaches us teens to view time in a whole different manner. It explains the hardships Billy Pilgrim went through after and before war. Kurt Vonnegut described the bombing of Dresden and the state of living in the slaughter house prison. He also describes how a war can affect a man mentally and physically.