The Lay of the Werewolf

By: Marie de France


"The Lay of the Werewolf" by: Marie de France takes place in France. First, the Baron leaves every week for 3 days at a time. He tells his wife what happens when he's gone during the 3 days. Then, his wife goes to tell the knight an spills everything that the wife was just told by the Baron and now the Dame doesn't want to be with the Baron because he turns into a werewolf. Since the Dame an the knight are together now they found this werewolf an they brought it back to the house so they could keep it as a pet. Next, the Dame an the knight were having a party an the werewolf saw the Damn an he ripped off her nose because she lied to her husband and made his stay a werewolf. Later that night they brought the werewolf into a different room an left some clothing of the Baron in the room the next thing you know he comes out as the Baron. Finally, the Baron kicked the wife out of the kingdom.

The Dame

We brought in the Dame in for questioning an here are her answers.

Q:How long have you an the knight been seeing each other now since the Baron is gone?

A:About 3 months now but, I still love my husband.

Q:How long were you an the king together?

A:12 years

Q: how would you feel if he came back randomly?

A: I..I...I don't think he will be for a.. awhile


I think that the theme for the story "The Lay of the Werewolf" is that if you get told a secret by a friend then you need to keep it. In the story the Baron trusted his wife to keep his secret because they were husband an wife. If your friend or wife in this case can't keep a secret then you need to kick them out of your circle because who knows if they'll tell your secrets to anyone else. If they do tell anyone then you know that they're not the type of people you wanna be friends with. Trust is a huge key in any relationship because if you can't trust that person or that person doesn't trust you then you both are wasting your time.
Apologize - OneRepublic

Song meaning

I picked this song because the song reminds me of when I have been hurt by people. This song is by One Republic. This relates to the story because the Dame had lied to the Baron about her taking his clothing and hiding it on him. Also the wife had went to the knight and told him everything the Baron had just told his wife. The wife should have respected the Baron an should have kept the trust.

Authors Bio

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