Mariana Carlos


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Getting There

Adrianna and I are going to get there by using Air Canada. Air Canada is the largest seating arrangement. This.This air line carries thousands of people and carries nos to 178 destinations worldwide. We will departure on January 30, 2015 at 11:15 am from Denver Colorado to Montreal,Canada.We arrive at Montreal at 4:49 pm then from Montreal we leave at 7:55 pm to Paris and we don't arrive until 8:45 am at pairs France.In total we traveled 10 hrs and 24 min.

Where to Stay

this is a 4-star witch is called Novotel Paris les Halles this hotel is located in the historical center of Paris. this hotel is close to many atractions i will be going to like he eiffle tower and disenyland paris. The Novotel Paris les Halles offers air-conditioned rooms, free WIFI, restaurant, patio, bar, fitness room and 8 meeting rooms. this is a good hotel for vacations as a couple, family trips, or business travel.


Some of the activities that we will be doing through this trip is going on a tour of the Eiffel tower we will be learning about the things that have happened here like wedding proposals and publicity stunts the tower has hosted over the years. We will also be seeing Disneyland in Paris they opened in 1992 and has been the most seen attraction in Europe and in Paris.This is also the second Disney park out of the united states but it is still owned by Disney (through Euro Disney S.C.A.).I also would like to see the macron and chocolate shop were we can see how they make the chocolate and the the sweets and were we can taste them. I would like to go there because i love to see things be created and would to see the many things they create for the people of Paris.We will be visiting the Louvre Museum witch is the largest museum.Most of the famous paintings or located her like Mona Lisa also dying slave.


some of the problems i faced were the time because paris is eight hours head of us here in the united statesand the problem i faced was having to change my hotle time because i thought it would be the same time as here in the united states and how


The reason why I choose this destination was because I have been in Colorado all my life and I wanted to be somewhere that everything was different and that had good places to visit and had a well-known attraction like the Eiffel tower. Also wanted this destination because I have always herd about how grate the Eiffel tower was and how big it was and I wanted to find out by myself. What I learned about planning this trip was its hard to find a good deal that will make you feel conferrable with the chooses you have and with the money u have to spend on the trip and another thing I learned was having to choose a destination that would fill your interest or with what u really wanted to go and that is what I learned about planning this trip.

About the Traveler

My name is Mariana Carlos I’m 13 years old and I have 5 members in my family my mom,dad,my two sisters and my brother. the only people that live with me are my mom dad brother and sister my older sister has her own family in Mexico most of my family lives in Mexico so I don’t really get to see them as much as I wish I did haven’t traveled much in my life the only big places I have traveled are Mexico and the united states. Where I really want to travel to pairs and London. The place I really really hope I get to travel to is back to Mexico to see all of my family.