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Last updated: October 31st, 2018

About us

Wayra is the most global, connected and technological open innovation hub in the world. We currently operate in 10 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Through Telefónica our global presence allows us to be at the helm of innovation, shoulder to shoulder with driven entrepreneurs and in a position to engage the right partners and leaders of industries for business.

Our mission is clear, to connect innovators with Telefónica and generate joint business opportunities. We are the interface between Telefónica and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe because innovation makes good business sense.



TopPlace™ by Avuxi is the leading popularity rating of every location on the planet. A plug-n-play suite of location products that allow an accurate description of any location worldwide in just seconds.


A comprehensive tool allowing an easy and friendly business management: CRM, invoicing and task management


Booklyng sharply translates and reproduces the hotelier wisdom and experience to the online world, transforming the hotel online sale from a static experience into a real time, dynamic and smart negotiation, giving the hotelier the possibility to interact with his online clients "as if they were face to face" with you at the hotel reception.


Turn children into book lovers by helping their parents find the books they like in an easy, intuitive way.


Provides the world's first resolution-centric automated issue resolution service for enterprises.


The payment tracker.

DUNFORCE is a web platform for small and medium companies to help them send their invoices safely, track them, and offer an easier and better way to pay.


eHumanLife provides hospitals a telehealth platform to address the chronic or tracked patients, so doctors can follow them through a specialised health video conference system with the corresponding information and encrypted documents.


New Generation Devices to improve workers safety.

Engidi design and develop wearable device to monitor workers in terms of safety and make a revolution on the Industrial Sector for Occupational Risks Prevention.


Your leisure and entertainment eSports portal

The platform for the global eSports community where millennial fans can watch, discover and interact with curated live content.


  • Community of 500K users
  • MVP of Live Predictions
  • Raised €70K (pre-seed) in 2015


FIRSTVISION is a wearable broadcast system that immerses fans into the game through the athlete's' point of view.


The SaaS that lets real estate agencies create their own virtual content.

Floorfy offers an online platform where real estate agents can create, host, and publish virtual reality content for the sale of their properties, attracting new customers and saving up to 70% on unnecessary visits.

Knox Media Hub

Platform that enables producers and exhibitors to improve their business by taking full advantage of the Internet and IT Technology.


Mobile Cloud Computing offers an innovative solution to overcoming performance constraints. By taking advantage of Mobile Cloud Computing, our technology has the potential to reinvent the way consumers are able to use their devices.


Play-based learning platform for kids

myABCKit is a play-based and personalized language learning app for kids from 3 to 7 years old.

Their app fosters kids to start learning literacy, grammar and reading comprehension in a fun, natural and easy way. With an algorithm based on right and wrong answers, they can adapt each lesson to the kid’s learning pace.


  • 40.000 kids using the app in Spain by end of December.
  • Close seed round of 120K by end of October.
  • Have 3 schools using our app in a daily basis by end of October.


Digital workplace for the future of work.

It's a platform that enables users of different clouds to share and sync files between them. For example, a Dropbox user can share and edit a file with a Google Drive user.


OMadre Medico is a smart inventory management system which uses barcodes/ QR codes to track the breastmilk bottles throughout the ecosystem of hospital neonatal units to add security to the feeding process. The system connects multiple stakeholders involved such as nurses, doctors, mothers, fathers etc. to help exchange information efficiently. Our analytics platform helps doctors, nurses, lactation consultants better interpret mother’s breastmilk productivity and baby’s feeding order and trend.


Is software which automatically detects points within audiovisual content to insert ads. It respects the viewer, improves brand quality and boosts ad revenues.

Social and Beyond

Develop and market Systems and Software to integrate our Social Media Marketing Tools and Tracking Tools into Wifi Systems.


The largest open cross-promotion community for app developers around the world. Tappx enables app developers to promote their apps for free by exchanging ads with other developers.


thethings.iO is the Internet of Things platform that enables fast and scalable connection of things to the Internet, allowing you to monitor and manage your devices in real time and get flexible analytic reports.

Visual Tagging

We recognize your customers from Social Networks
and obtain actionable insights for your business.

We Are Testers

Providing consumer insights in real time.

An automated online omnichannel solution that provides consumer insights in a rapid and economical manner to enable the daily business decisions. For big companies, SME, start-ups... for companies of all kinds and sizes.


  • 80,000 testers community
  • Customers: 75% Key Accounts (Axa, Europcar, Endesa, Sabadell, Desigual, Ebay), 25% SME & Startups

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