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April 22, 2020 Week 6 of Covid Quarantine

GRADES!!! IPR -From the SIS Department

  • IPR grades for ALL classes need to be loaded, verified and called “good to go” by tomorrow morning- Thursday at 8AM.
  • Please use P.2 of the Secondary IPR – Teacher Instructions for assistance on “verifying” IPR gradebook averages against the IPR load screen.
  • · IPR grades are just a snapshot in time, so they are subject to change.
  • · The SIS team will post IPR’s to HAC.
  • · IPR grades will not be updated and re-posted to HAC. It is up to the teacher to communicate IPR grade changes to the students/parents through eMail out of the teacher gradebook.

Bulb Webinar tomorrow, hosted by TEACHERS!

If you wanted some ideas for how to use Bulb Portfolios (district initiative) in your classroom, today at 3 pm CST there is a webinar with four content teachers (Math, ELA, Science & Social Science) presenting about how they are using Bulb in their classrooms. You can Register here.

If you are in the ePortfolio learning cohort, this might be a good opportunity to gain some new insight.

Canvas- Create and Sync Before Monday for Optimum Success

If you have been in Canvas on a Monday, then you know how sluggish it is, in particular in the morning. As more and more people join the Canvas community, Monday morning seems the time when everyone is uploading and syncing content. So...if you are going to do this on Monday morning, expect to wait. And maybe time out. I would advise trying to sync content from blueprints prior to Monday (you can always unpublish). This isn't something you HAVE to do, but if you wait until Monday, bring your patience and possibly something to snack on while you wait.

Making Instructional Videos

Most of you at this point are making instructional videos (or you have thought about it and you are scared). Here are some things to remember as you make your videos.

  • Research suggests that instructional videos should be short (less than 6 minutes in length). I want you to think for a moment about these things: How long can a video hold your attention when you are interested in the subject? What if you aren't fascinated? How long would be an optimum length for the Bloodborne Pathogen video lesson?
  • The kids miss your face. Making videos personal is helpful to them. Nobody likes to see themselves on camera and nobody likes to hear their own recorded voice, but it is SO good for the kids to see you and hear you.
  • There are lot of platforms you can use to make videos. You can use your phone, or make a screencast, or if you are feeling super adventurous and have extra time (haha, I laughed while I was typing that too) green screen or editing in WeVideo.
  • You all have a YouTube account where you can upload videos. Just log in to YouTube with your school credentials. I promise it isn't as difficult as you think it is!

If you need help, give me a shout!

Minecraft Education Edition Free Right Now!!! WHAAAAAT?

Okay this one is cool- Minecraft Education edition is now available for students and teachers at no cost (just during this unusual period of time) because we have Office 365.

You (or students) can go to https://education.minecraft.net/get-started/download/

to download the program. It will work on Mac, PC, or iPad. Sorry but it will not work on a Chromebook, phone or Android tablet.

When students login they must use their ID # followed by @friscoisd instead of their normal email address. Their password will be the same as always. Staff may login as they normally do.

If you have ever wanted to play with Minecraft and see what it is all about, now is your chance! You can pick from a bunch of different educational worlds too, like fraction farms or Eukaryotic cells- this isn't just elementary, folks. There is even apparently REAL WORLD CHEMISTRY. It is an amazing option for a choice board too. Not ALL kids can access this, as we realize some are working off of phones and chromebooks and such. But it is a really fun option!


Don't forget to take advantage of your free membership to TCEA! You can even join Special Interest Groups (SIGS) for free right now, which is usually an additional cost. You can go to this page to get signed up.

TCEA is particularly helpful right now because they have great support for eLearning tools. I highly recommend following them on Twitter and/or Facebook as well!