Business Cycle

By: Zach Elliott

The Business Cycle:

Prosperity- A time where unemployment is at a all time low and business is booming people are working and happy with life. Example to

Recession- A time when business starts to slowly fall and unemployment starts to increase but business is still making money and providing jobs.

Depression- A time where businesses begin to fail and unemployment is at a all time high most people are unemployed and are fighting to live.

Recovery- A bounce back from the Depression unemployment starts decreasing and people start finding jobs again and start heading to a time of prosperity.


Prosperity- The go-go days in the U.S. were precipitated by a trifecta of innovation and progress – revolutions in steam and the railroads from 1750 to 1830. Demographically, from 1965 to 1990, the entry of women in the workforce helped boost the standard of living. Americans have cut household debt by about $1.3 trillion since it peaked in 2008.

Prosperity, Recession, Depression, Recovery its great!!!