Mongoliana Island

The new hotspot

Mongoliana Island

Mongoloiana Island the perfect vacation spot with over the top resorts and you will always hear this SPLASH! BOOM! AHH! This Pacific Ocean get away is perfect for the whole family the kids will love the pool, resort, and the beach. Those lovely ladys will love the hot tubs, peticures and manicures, and the relaxing time. Then for all those charming men out there trilling views and awesome skydiving. Then to top the night an exotice dinner for two!

We have got world famous water falls with fresh, cool, and clear water. They pour down from huge rock with amazing views from the top and if you look real close you can see tiny crystals in the rock.

You should try our long exotice beaches with miles of coral reefs and rare fish. Then our over the top resort with giant slides and pools. Finally our huge, dormant, thrilling valcano called Mongo Valcano.

Our food is a variety of fruit and meat like chicken, beef, and steak. Then for our fruit coconut, mango, pypaya, jack fruit, and the juciest watermelon and (of course) some salads.

Our people are tan skinned friends from the Guaza tribe.The tribe has been here since the island was here. They have survived through hot and medium tempatures.

Mongoliana Island the perfect "vacation" spot!

(Nature Relaxation w/ Music) Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Video by David Huting