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September 2015

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

Happy Labor Day, and Happy start to the 2015-16 school year.

In a few hours the school will be in fast forward compared to the past few months. We will go from seemingly barren hallways to hallways filled with vibrant new clothes, smiling faces, and dreams for the upcoming school year. I want to acknowledge a few people who were working behind the scenes to prepare our school so that our students would walk into an inviting building that promotes pride, opportunity, and success. Our students affectionately refer to him as Mr. Chris, but for the rest of us, his name could be changed to "Chris Canyouplease..." The summer projects and amount of work seem insurmountable each year, but somehow the jobs always get finished, and the school always looks great to start the year. Thanks, Chris.

Pat and Lisa (and the rest of us) are reaping the benefits of beautiful new flooring in the LMC. Along with this project, Pat and Lisa spent a great deal of time packing, weeding, and reshelving books. Thank you for the extra time that you put into this project. The library looks great.

Sue Owens has a new modern design in the computer lab. It is much more of a learning space than a traditional computer lab, which is really exciting. Sue's flexibility with the space allows us to hit the ground running in the new school year.

Of course, Hope... I don't have enough space to write all of her responsibilities or contributions to the school. Additionally, she has to put up with me all summer.

Many of you were in school often throughout the summer or working many hours from home attending to details, ensuring preparedness, and completeing the behind-the-scenes work to provide our students with opportunites for success. Thanks for being the great staff you are and doing whatever it takes for our students.

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Take Advantage of Tomorrow's Opportunity

Education, and learning in particular, is precious. What will your students' memories of tomorrow be? What will they think of many years from now? Of our school? Of us? This year will help shape our students' lives. We have the opportunity to create an environment that helps our students develop a love of learning that is independent of ability. The love of learning our students develop does not happen by chance. It happens when we foster it. Have a great day tomorrow. Get to know your students, and build the relationships that foster a love of learning... and try to stay cool.

Upcoming Important Dates

9/8- Community Picnic- 5:00 at SHS

9/11- Spirit Day- Wear your Blue and Gold

9-11- Make sure all students have completed an RFE message

9/14- MAPS Window opens

9/16- Race for Education Assembly

9/16- APD #1

9/17- Back-to-School Night

9/18- Picture Day!

9/21- School Safety Week

9/25- Summer Literacy Celebration