Jim Carrey

By: Faith Longoria

What was Jim Carrey's early life like?

Jim Carrey grew up in Newmarket Ontario, Canada with his Mom, Dad, John, Patricia, and Rita. His family's financial struggles made it difficult to support Jim Carrey. He had a very poor family. He lived with his family in a camper until he got married.

What was Jim Carrey's family like?

Jim's families financial problems made it hard for his family to support Jim. Jim and his family lived in a camper until jim got married to Melissa Womer in 1987. Him and his family moved a lot because they couldn't afford anything. Imagine being in the 8th grade, and having to drop out of school I cant believe that so lets try to put our selves in Jim Carrey's shoes. While Jim Carrey was in the 8th grade he had to drop out of school because of how poor his family was. His mother, father, siblings, and him all had to work to make money for their family and themselves. During this period in time for there family's finical issues was more important than education. Jim Carrey comes from a very poor family.

What was Jim Carrey's school experence like?

In Jim's years of school he was quiet, shy, and didn't have many friends. He was diagnosed with dyslexia so, he often struggled in school. He began to find an interest in humor and, when he would try to show it he would end up getting in trouble and his teachers would label him as disruptive and, by doing that it made it hard for him to connect with others but just make them laugh at him. Even though he was teased he still exceled in his humorous abilities. Since Jim didn't let that get him down he saw it as a way to propel his acting career. Also but this ability of humor he produced it helped him with his reading abilities so the humor in his life helped with his school reasons.

What challenges did Jim Carrey face?

Jim Carrey's parents were often sick, and because of that he wasn't able to get a lot of new things, so he was laughed at, and made fun of at school. Jim Carrey was forced to drop out of school so he became a stand up comedian at clubs, and a janitor so make money because no other jobs would except his applications. Jim Carrey was also dyslexic, so it was harder for him to do more advanced placement jobs. He also dealt with depression, so it was hard for him to go get help with his depression.
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What successes did Jim Carrey have?

Jim Carrey has created many movies and has acted in many movies. These are some of his movies, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and Bruce Almighty.

He also gained his money by acting in his first movie In Living Color that is how Jim's career started.

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Was Jim Carrey succsessful despite the challenges?

Jim Carrey was successful despite his challenges because after become an actor he gained A LOT OF MONEY, and that was huge for him because he came from a poor family. Jim Carrey also learned how to handle his disorders because of acting. His acting career let him be him and express who he really is.

Did anyone support Jim Carrey during his challenges?

Jim Carrey's father inspired him during the challenges he faced. When Jim was at home his father would talk with him and try and help him through it, but his mother on the other hand would get mad at him, and send him to his room. So his father was a BIG support while Jim was struggling.

What is Jim Carrey's legacy?

Jim Carrey will be know for his amazing movies and his hilarious acting. He will die knowing that he put a smile on peoples faces and made them laugh.



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Interesting Facts

Jim was forced to drop out of school at age 15 to help his family.

Jim often performed as a kid to get money for himself and his family.
Jim earned his first Golden Globes for the movie The Mask.

He loves to cover iconic rocks in his spare time.

Jim Carrey's favorite color is red.

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