Biome Research Project

60 Points


Students will choose one of the ten major biomes to research. The student may choose to complete the project in one of three ways:

1. Create a flyer on

2. Create a glog on

3. Create a prezi at

4. Write a 2-page research paper

Each student will then present their information to the class. If you choose to write a paper you will still have to present information to the class (notecards, writing on the board, etc)



1. Must use at least 3 sources.

2. Must present to the class on due date! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

3. Must include citations using APA format (you will be given a handout on this).

4. Must include information on the following:

*Weather & Climate





-Bodies of water




-what animals are found in this biome


-what plants grow in this biome

*Adaptations need for plants and animals to survive in the biome




*Limiting Factors



*Ecological concerns or issues