Study Nutrition Abroad! Summer 2016

Application due February 15th

Mediterranean Diet and Health Program

The 6-credit lecture program (open to Honors students) provides an opportunity to learn about the beneficial and protective effects of the Mediterranean Diet against chronic diseases (ex. cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc) and is led by Dr. Donato Romagnolo, Professor from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, at The University of Arizona. On-site activities in Italy include presentations and cooking classes with local chefs; nutritional assessment of Mediterranean diet and recipes; guided tours to agricultural, and food production shops and laboratories; and tours of historic sites. Cooking classes will be held in a 15th century palace in historic downtown of Verona, home of Shakespeare’s script Romeo and Juliet. More details can be found on the program website.

During the first week (from May 16 through May 18th, 2016) the program includes 3 days of orientation (in person or on-line if students are not on the campus of the University of Arizona). The program then continues for 4 weeks in Italy (May 22 through June 18, 2016).


Make it count!

All 6 units earned on this study abroad trip can be used towards a Minor in Nutrition. Contact for more information on the Nutrition minor requirements.

Professor Donato Romagnolo, Ph.D., MSc.

Professor, Nutritional and Cancer Biology

Department of Nutritional Sciences and

The University of Arizona Cancer Center

303 Shantz Bldg

The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85718-0038

Study Abroad Coordinator- Devon Bilsing

After reading about the Mediterranean Diet and Health Program on the Study Abroad Website, please follow up with Devon for questions regarding the application process. It is always advised that you also meet with your academic advisor to plan study abroad into your academic plan.