PPP: Pet, Protection, Program

By: Jessica, Bertha, Cara

Animal Cruelty: Is it right?

Animal abuse is never the answer when you don't want the pet. If you don't want a pet because you can't take care of it, go to your local vet and ask if they can help pay for food supplies, and shelter for your pet.

What is animal cruelty?

Animal cruelty is when someone hurts an animal or does not care for an animal responsibly. Like not giving an animal proper care. Its against the law to harm or be cruel to animals, even your own pets! Its also called animal abuse or neglect.

Animal cruelty case:

This is a vet. from Washington Animal Clinic. She shot a feral tom cat, and claimed that it was a danger to society. People are still fighting if she should be able to work at the animal clinic,

Animal Cruelty case:

A gang of teenagers stole a puppy from his owners garden and tortured him for hours in one of the worst cases an RSPCA inspector had ever seen.

The tiny Chihuahua-Yorkshire terrier cross, called Chunky, was kicked, punched, burned, fed drugs and had his neck wrung before being left for deadnear a rubbish tip.

How To Help:

  • Try to help neighbors who struggle
  • Donate to your local vet
  • Volunteer at your local vet.