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About myself

Hey there! My name is Harris Iqbal, and I am a full time student studying at Stephen Lewis Secondary School. I dream of one day having the opportunity to explore and travel the world and gain knowledge about other cultures and visit serene landscapes. Once I have completed my education and have a stable career, there are many things I want to accomplish. I would definitely love to travel to countries in the continent of Asia, Europe, as well as regions in South America. Each region has its own identity and is vastly diverse in terms of its people, culture, as well as traditions, making it a huge travel motivator! I personally enjoy both adventure and nature tourism, as well as religious and cultural tourism. I cant wait to one day complete the journeys in my bucket list and create memories that will last forever.

~ My Bucket List ~

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See the northern lights (AURORA BOREALIS)

One of natures most serene views is definitely the Northern Lights. I have seen many pictures and video clips of the northern lights, but being able to see these unique lights emerge from the sky in person would be a completely different experience.
Time lapse of Northern Lights display captured here in the UK
This time lapse video captures the beautiful array of Northern lights that are displayed. Being someone who loves nature and interested in nature tourism, this would be a great experience for me and many tourists with similar interests. I would too make a time lapse of these lights, and show my friends something they don't see all the time!
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See the grand canyon

It would be an amazing experience to see the Grand Canyon first hand and learn about this natural wonder of the world.
GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013
This ineradicable first person footage shows a biker riding down the Grand Canyon. Being someone who loves adventure, this video clip only inspires me to achieve my goals faster as it seems like an amazing experience. The Grand Canyon is definitely a place for adventure seeking tourists.
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Drive a Mclaren on the Nurburgring Race Track

Being a car enthusiast, I've always wanted to drive the Mclaren P1 on one of the biggest and most popular race tracks in the world. Being able to safely reach high speeds in one of the most adored cars in the world would only be a dream come true.
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Watch Pakistan play in the worldcup - 2019

Cricket has been a sport I absolutely love playing. Being involved in Stephen Lewis's team and with the world cup also occuring this year, my passion for the sport only grew bigger. My favorite team is Pakistan, and I've always seen them play on TV, but seeing them live in front of my eyes in a worldcup is an experience any cricket fan would love to live through.
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Go to the lantern festival in Taiwan

One of the best ways to explore the true culture of Asia would be to witness the stunning lantern festival in Taiwan. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn about their culture and tradition from completely different perspective. The picture shows what a beautiful moment it would be.

My most important bucket list entry

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Do the pilgrimage of Hajj

Reading over my entries, It is very hard for me to choose my top bucket list entry as I would want to do everything on the list. However, there is one thing on my list that I would consider my top priority, and that would be visiting Mecca and Medina. This is an important life goal for me to complete in my lifetime as it has been instructed in my religion. Therefore it is my duty to visit the Kaaba in Mecca and complete pilgrimage. Being able to cross this objective off my list is more significant than accomplishing anything else on my list for me. Just imagining being there in Mecca along with millions of other people is exciting, and being a part of the amazing experience that comes with completing this spiritual act of worship. It is a goal that I look forward to accomplishing the most in the future. All in all, my most important bucket list entry definitely has to be visiting Mecca and Medina and completing pilgrimage of Hajj.