CHS Update Week # 5

September 13, 2020

Modified Day Sept. 18th

Sept. 18th is a modified day. Below is a copy of the bell schedule for tomorrow.
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Information in this Newsletter

  • Bell Schedule Reminder
  • Monday Homeroom Activity 9/14/20
  • Seal of Multiliteracy Informaiton
  • CHS BTSN Presentation
  • Canvas / Zoom Support Page (Troubleshooting Tips)
  • Canvas Parent Account Information
  • CHS Access Times for Pick -ups
  • Get Connected
  • Link to Week # 4 Update
  • Link to Latest TVUSD Update

Bell Schedule Reminder

Reminder for Monday:

1. Meet synchronously online from 8:00 - 8:30 am. with your Homeroom. Be on time so you are counted in attendance and ready to participate in our scheduled activity. Homeroom is your period 3 class.

2. After Homeroom, you will be working asynchronously in periods 1 - 6 for the rest of the day. There are no online meeting rooms for your per. 1 - 6 classes that day.

*The schedule for the rest of the week will return to block schedule (the same as last week).*

Monday Homeroom Activity 9/14/20

*All students will synchronously participate in our weekly Homeroom activities and information on Mondays from 8:00 - 8:30. Homeroom teachers will facilitate activities and present information to the class.

*Students received an invitation to the CHS Student Homeroom course in Canvas. Students can also find this course in their Dashboard on Canvas. The activities and information will be published there as well on Monday mornings for students to access in case they are absent, to complete assignments, or to access information again at a later date. The assignments can be found in the Module section.

Seal of Multiliteracy Information


The Riverside County State Seal of Multiliteracy application is now open (seniors only).

The Seal of Multiliteracy is an award given by the Riverside County Office of Education in partnership with districts in recognition of high levels of attained proficiency in English and at least one other world language by high school graduation.

Please see the link below for further information, eligibility criteria and the application process. There are very strict guidelines and cutoff dates so please be mindful in considering the completion of the application.

After reviewing the eligibility criteria, if you believe your student qualifies for the seal and plans to complete the application process, please email to let us know your student qualifies and intends to complete the application. We will forward CHS instructions regarding the student verification and parent authorization forms once we hear from you.

Seal of Multiliteracy link

CHS BTSN Presentation

If you missed our BTSN presentation, click here.

Canvas / Zoom Support Page (Troubleshooting Tips)

Please see the following link in the CHS Counseling page for tips if you are still experiencing challenges with Canvas and Zoom..

Canvas Parent Account Information

The following links give parents and guardians all they need to create a parent account within Canvas and to link that account to a student account. These links are also on our district parent tech support page. We hope our CHS parents find these links useful in supporting student work.

Still Need Books, Chromebooks, or Finish OLR Confirmation?

Please see the information below. The campus is still closed for traditional school and other activities. However, we will continue to offer special times when you can complete these items on campus. Social distancing expectations apply and masks are required.
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