Food Safety

By: Julie Schmidt

Why is it important?

Being safe in the kitchen is always important because it keeps people from getting hurt. Part of being safe is keeping your kitchen clean and organized. Always try to keep your area and your hands clean. Dirty spaces can bring bacteria and can lead to dangerous situations.

Always: keep knifes sharp, your hands washed, stove top pans with the handle inwards, use hot pads, clean equipment and always keep the counters clean

Clean Utinsels

Keeping utensils clean is always important. Using dirty things increases the risk of spreading bacteria.

Never use the same knives, cutting boards, spoon or anything else for different types of foods. Keep separate things in order to reduce cross contamination.

Clutter Free Space

Another good way to ensure safety is in the kitchen is to keep it clean. Trying to work in a dirty area is never a good idea. With clutter comes cramped spaces. In cramped spaces there is a greater chance for cross contamination.

In small spaces things are more likely to fall over and spill. Another bad thing about cluttered countertops is the increased chances of bacteria or mold hiding under things that may be wet or moist.


Before and after using the kitchen you should be sure to clean your kitchen. For counter tops a simple wipe down will usually do the trick but it is important to use disinfectant chemicals to keep your counter sanitary. Also try to keep a regular cleaning schedule to clean the drains, refrigerator, stove top, and inside the microwave and oven.

If the kitchen is not kept clean it will lead to a much higher spread of disease. Several types of bacteria come from dirty kitchens. But be careful when cleaning different places. Some cleaners can be used in some areas where other cleaners shouldn't be used.

Hand Washing

Washing your hands is the easiest way to prevent the spread of bacteria. Every day our hands touch hundreds of surfaces that other hands have touched after touching hundreds of other surfaces. Bacteria is most easily spread this way, so it's always important to wash your hands. Wash your hands before and after every time you handle food.

The best way to ensure that your hands are cleaned properly is to use warm soapy water. Be sure to scrub both sides of your hands and spend time concentrating on the spaces between your fingers. You should spend at least 20 seconds, which is also the length of the birthday song.