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Swelling typically begins occurring shortly

How to Heal From a Knee Sprain

A sprain can occur in any joint of the body and lead to debilitating pain. The knee joint is one of the most common to be injured because it is the largest joint in the body and takes the brunt of a person's weight. When a knee sprain occurs, it is imperative a person sees their doctor right away. It is also important they research the options for Mueller braces and supports that offer superior support and protection for injured joints and other areas of the body.

What Should Individuals Know?

A knee sprain primarily occurs due to an unnatural movement during physical activity. When this type of movement is experienced, it can place undue pressure on the joint and lead to soft tissue injuries. When one of the ligaments of the knee becomes injured in some way, it is referred to as a knee sprain. The following are some of the symptoms people experience when they have a knee sprain injury.

Some people report hearing a popping sound in the knee joint. This can occur as the ligaments are stretched beyond their capacity and become torn.

Pain and tenderness in the joint are hallmark symptoms of a knee sprain. The pain can range from mild to severe, depending on the severity of the injury.

Swelling typically begins occurring shortly after the knee injury as a rush of fluid is sent to the knee. The swelling can sometimes become so severe it leads to immobilization.

An instability while walking and being unable to bear weight are also symptoms that can occur when a person has sprained their knee.
Some individuals will also experience bruising around the knee, especially at the point where the ligament was torn.

A proper diagnosis by a doctor is vital when a knee sprain occurs. Seeing the doctor is important for ruling out any serious injuries and making sure the right treatment can be provided by the doctor. The primary types of treatments include ice, rest, and elevation at first. As a person begins the healing process, they also need to wear knee braces and supports for improved support and the protection of the joint.

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