Little penguins

Sarah A 3A

Little penguins

Little penguins

Little penguins are small flightless birds, which are native to Australasia. There scientific name is Eudyptula minor.

The little penguin lives in the southern coast of Australia up to northern New South Whales.

Little penguins have streamlined bodies which help them swim, flippers, a white patch under the belly, webbed feet and are not much more than 40cm high.

They eat small fish such as anchovies, pilchards, small squid small prawns.

Their predators can be foxes, dogs and cats. These animals are normally awake at night like little penguins.

Some interesting facts are that little penguins call to each other, the calls includes yaps, trills, brays and grunts. Their bodies are made of a heavy layer of fat. Hatching for little penguins may take more than one day.

The little penguin is the only penguin that lives in Australia, which is very surprising.