Result's of Smoking

Physical consequences

Smoking is absolutely terrible for your body, it can give you emphysema.Emphysema is a disease that occurs when the tiny air sacks in the lungs loose their ability to stretch.Another disease you can get is cancer.Cancer is a deadly disease that can occur any were in your body.Smoking also causes you to wrinkle earlier than non-smokers.One more physical consequence is high blood pressure.

Social consequences

Smoking also effects other people, what if you wanted to have a friendly conversation with your friend but they couldn't stand to talk to you because of your breath, or your stained teeth. Another reason no one would want to hang with you is, your aged skin and teeth

loss, so I'm hoping I've encouraged your rage to smoke to stop and if your thinking about it to not start.

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Dangers of smoking

One danger of smoking is you can get cancer, emphysema ,gum diseases and a lot more. Some of these dangers like cancer can kill you.

Mental and Emotional consequences

Addiction, you will have a crave or an addictive want when you smoke your brain takes the nicotine and nicotine is a addictive drug so you need to smoke this is why its so hard for people to quit. Smoking can make you depressed because no one will want to hang around you and you will be very lonely and depressed.