Venus is the best planet ever

Venus Rocks

Venus is my planet and the origin of its name is in astronomy mythology, Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty and in Greece her name was Aphrodite. The average distance from the sun in miles is 108.2 . The length of day is 243 hours. The length of the year is 224.7 days per year. The temperature range is high and low 900 F to 50 F. The diameter in miles is larger than Earth. Almost the same gravity as Earth does. My atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide, and Nitrogen. No life can not exist on Venus.

Venus... it's not just our closest neighbor.

I don't think we can live on Venus without oxygen and we would burn up because Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System. Due to the clouds covering the planet, we don't know what it really looks like. Although we do know that there are a lot of volcanoes and mountains.