LHS Choir Notes


Welcome Back!!!

As we get back into the swing of things, here are a couple of reminders. This semester, much of our preparation throughout the semester will be for our district solo and ensemble festival (March 19) and our large ensemble festival (March 31) as well as our competition on April 22 in Silver Dollar City. These events will require extra focus and dedication on every choir member’s part in order to do well. Please be checking the practice room area on our school website www.lebanonchoirs.weebly.com for any links to practice with.

Of the dates listed above, ALL singers will be required to perform in the March 31 and April 22 festivals. March 19 is only for those who are performing solos or in ensembles. If you have been asked to participate in an ensemble or perform a solo, it is important that you devote time to that outside of class. SOME class time will be devoted to these events, however, our main focus will be the preparation of our large ensembles.

Calendar Updates

Get your calendars out for the following dates:

February 11-13-LHS presents, “Aida” our Spring musical

February 16: Volunteers to work Concessions 4:30 (CHAMBER)

February 19: Dr. Tarrant from SBU visits (CHAMBER)

February 26: First Fest at MBU (CHAMBER)

March 4: No School-possible solo/ensemble slots

March 7-10: SWACDA (select students)

March 19: District Solo/Ensemble Festival

March 31-State Large Ensemble at Camdenton

April 22-Silver Dollar City Music Summit

May 6-Spring Concert

Reminders for a New Semester

Silver Dollar City

On Friday, April 22nd, all choral students will participate in a choral festival hosted by Silver Dollar City. Please click the Google link below for more detailed information!


We have had the t-shirts in for a while now but many still have not been paid for and picked up. The t-shirts were not an option. They were a requirement as mentioned in the handbook. T shirts are $10. Please check with Mr. Tapson and Ms. Denise so you can collect your shirt.


Remember, you are graded daily based on your participation in activities, attitude and behavior, as well as preparedness for class. It is very easy to lose points but it is just as easy to keep them. Extra credit is always available if you are willing to attend some concerts! Speaking of attendance, concert/festival/competition attendance is a part of every singers grade. Should there be ANY reason in which you cannot attend our performances, the director must be notified as soon as possible.

Remind and Communication

The majority of our correspondence will be sent to student emails. Parents will receive updates periodically via. Rarely will you see hard copy as they tend to end up in my trash. Another important resource is Remind. Many students already are signed up for this in other classes but if you have not taken advantage of this please text the following codes to the number 81010

Chamber Choir: @lhschambe

Concert Choir: @lhsconcho

Men’s Chorus: @lhsmensc

Women’s Chorus: @lhswom

Restroom Use

The traveling time between classes is your time to use the restroom unless there is an emergency. Thirsty? Bring a water bottle. We had bad habits developing by the end of the semester and we are going to start fresh.

Cell Phone Use and Abuse

As mentioned above, we will be using our phones at times for educational use. However, unless asked, there should be no use of the cell phone when rehearsal begins. If seen, it will be confiscated and of course, returned at the end of class.


Make sure you are being responsible with your folder and your music. Since these are our textbooks, you will be asked to replace the contents inside. Replacements are valued at $10.

It is great for you to take your folders home with you, just make sure you have them everyday in class!

Lebanon High School Choirs

Lebanon High School promotes a quality musical experience by offering four curricular choirs that serve nearly 180 students: Men's Chorus, Women's Chorus, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. Everyday, students strive for excellence in singing and in character, no matter what it takes.