Hot Hand

Mike Lupica


setting is at billy's house and the basketball court

i have been to the basketball court and i loved it

it wouldn't really be different from our way of living

Main Character


Billy is a 10 year old boy who loves to play basketball and is on the magic

his biggest problem is his anger, also cockiness

he has brown hair brown eyes and is short for his age

the things that helped him change was his dad was always hard on him as his basketball coach and got angry and blew up on him he later learned to let it go

he would be a good friend cause hes in to the stuff that i am

Siblings, Parents Then Lenny

  • Billy's mom is a lawyer who works all week and is never home
  • his dad is Billy's basketball coach and a stockbroker he also left the house.
  • Lenny, Billy's best friend on his basketball team who is a year older than billy is the best on their team
  • Ben is Billy's brother who is a really good piano player, hes also 9 years old
  • Zeke is the school bully he likes to pick on Ben and squeeze his hand hoping he cant play piano again

The good And The Bad

  1. I really like Billy he loves basketball he also can relate to his dad being hard on him
  2. Billy's Dad i really dislike he just left the house on his whole family
  3. Zeke is the bully in the story he teases Ben about being in piano

The Beginning

Hot Hand is a story about a boy named Billy Raynor who has his heart set on winning this years basketball championship. Along the way though, Billy has some other problems other than basketball. Billy's parents are getting a divorce which depresses Billy and unfortunately, he can't even do anything about it. Also Billy's younger brother Ben, is having a really tough time with the divorce. Billy is trying to take care of Ben, win the basketball championship, and help with his parent's divorce. Billy is the best player on his basketball team, also the best shooter in the league. Because of all Billy's problems at home, he isn't having that great of a season.

What happened next....

Despite the less then perfect season, Billy's team makes it to the championship with his dad as the coach. Billy's dad has been all over him the entire season to be a team player. Billy is the best shooter in the league and would rather shoot the ball instead of passing it. Finally, the day of the championship, it turns out that Billy's little brother Ben has a piano recital at the same time. Billy goes to watch Ben's recital and eventually, Billy and his dad make it to the game just in time for the fourth quarter to start.


Billy's team is down four points leading into the fourth quarter. towards the end of the game the score is tied at thirty-eight mostly because Billy hit three jump shots. With thirty-two seconds left, Billy's dad calls time-out. With the score still tied, the team draws up a play for Billy. The play works perfectly. Billy gets the ball wide open in the corner and he gets ready to take the shot. Right as Billy is about to shoot, he looks and sees his friend Lenny open under the net, and he passes it. Lenny drills the shot and Billy's team wins. Ben walks in the gym just in time to see Billy pass the ball for the final basket. Billy's dad is so proud! Billy was a team player. Billy wins the championship and his brother Ben is pretty much back to normal, all thanks to Billy.

problem and solution


Billy and Ben weren't really happy that their dad had left but they later realized that they were a better family and had each others backs without him there.

Billy had fights with his dad and arguments after he left about baskeball


Billy then respected his dad and learned not to yell at him for small things and Ben was always quiet and acquired to stand up for himself

the family learned that no matter what family came first weather its basketball, piano,or work



I ended up learning that family comes first and to always have each others back and be there for them when they need you


The theme of the story is always push through and be respectful to your parents and respect what they have to do for the good

Like or dislike

I liked the story because its in a modern time

Has stuff to do with basketball