Gretchen Rutland


  • Commodus was born on August 31, 161 AD and died 192 AD when he was assassinated

  • He lived the longest out of all of his siblings

  • His parents had high standards for him because he would rule one day

  • He married Bruttia Crispina

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  • He saw himself as a reborn Hercules
  • So he carried around a club and wore lion skin as a cloak
  • Commodus declared himself as a living god

  • 177 CE - 180 CE Augustus rules with Commodus
  • 17 Mar 180 CE - 192 CE Commodus rules alone.
  • He was not interested in politics and was not a good emperor
  • Commodus executed many senators during his rule
  • He was strangled in his sleep on December 31, 192
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