lumbee river

the Indian lumber river

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the famous Lumbee River

The lumbee river in the beginning was orginalally named the lumber river for the amount of lumber that the lumbee indains origainaly used to get places on the river side.


the commerce

In the late 18th and 19th century the lumbee river became a vital route for transporting 100- foot logs downriver into Georgetown, and South Carolina. Sarah- The lumber river canoe rental is one of North Carolina’s top ten natural wonders. They have over 30 boats to rent and it’s called Kayak & Canoe Rental Lumber River Outfitters. Kayak costs $25 for one day and $100 for a week. Canoe costs $35 for one day and $140 for a week. Lumber River Outfitters offers a number of specialty trips that take advantage of the paddling opportunities in Scotland County NC.


In 1887, the state established an all american Indian training school for the lumbee. This institution grew into a collage, which is known today as University of North Carolina at Pembroke. They also, use to call the lumbee river the Drowning creek. Sarah-There is a park near the river which is called the Lumbee River State Park. The Lumbee Indians have been denied federal status as an Indian nation because of their high degree of mixed blood. The indians got their tribe name because they used the lumber trees to flow up and down the river to fish and get places.


Lumbee River State Park contains land of 115 miles of state natural and scenic waters. The parks recreation activities are currently centered at two access areas, Princess Ann, and Chalk Banks. Sarah-The Lumber River Conservancy (LRC) is a land trust founded by two great men whose passion for the Lumber River translated into an insatiable desire to see it permanently protected. The LRC was established in 1991 to preserve the Lumber River as one of the nation's Wild and Scenic rivers by conserving land along it and its tributaries.