Ocean Ecosystem

More Than Just a Vacation Spot by Caleb Robinson

Biotic Factors

Biotic factors are living things in an ecosystem. Here are some biotic factors:

  • sharks
  • seaweed
  • narwhal
  • fish
  • algae
  • squids


abotic factors

  • sand
  • water
  • shells
  • under water volcanos
  • trash

How Abiotic and Biotic Interract with each other

Sharks interact with water by swimming in it and by finding food in it. They also use water to help them breath. Sharks use water water to breath. The water goes through their gills. Then the oxygen from the water goes to their lunges.

How Humans Affect the Ocean Ecostytem

People pollute the water with trash. They also kill fish for a sport and too much killing breaks down the food chain. Propeller on boats harm fish. People also study plants and animals and help keep the oceans healthy.