Syphilis and Pregnancy

By: Ruby Ramirez-7


It is a contagious infection caused by Treponema Pallidum and is primarily passed through sexual contact. Congenital Syphilis results through placement transmission of bacteria to the baby.


  • Develops painful papule, get sores that are clean, painless like cancer sores located on the genitals
  • A few weeks later the sores should start to fade and begin to get rashes that could cover the entire body
  • Symptoms may start to fade after many years
  • After that stage you enter a late stage of syphilis, may cause to experience neurological symptoms, cardiovascular lesions.

Risk Involved

  • Mother: Miscarriage towards the baby
  • Baby: Still birth, congenitals syphilis which can result in mental and physical problems

Treatment Options

  • Mother and baby: Antibiotics approved by OB/ GYN can be given to prevent damage to the fetus
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