here and there, home and school

we are all learning together, wherever we are June, 2020

Hello Families!

Some children are back at school for a couple of days a week and others continue their schooling at home. I hope you are all doing as well as you can be, whatever you have chosen. There are some great resources online and I want to continue sharing some with you. Just below is a care package just for you! Hopefully you find even just one thing that might be useful for yourself and your family....whether it's for self-care, problem solving, activities for learning, or just for fun. If you want to translate this into another language, you can click at the top of the newsletter :) ~Linda

a printable care package for families

Stay-At-Home Free Printable Care Package

Big Life Journal can help you and your children get through this unsettling period. Below you can download the Stay-At-Home Care pack with ideas to get your children moving and learning while indoors! DOWNLOAD the printable Stay-At-Home Care Package.

The classroom looks different...

“The classroom looks different.” Read this elementary age appropriate social story with your children. It is meant to prepare them for the partial return to in-school instruction. Perhaps it's a bit late, but may still be helpful to go through it. This resource was created by a Burnaby teacher:

keep trying, even when it's hard. click on the links below to find the printables.

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Kimochi - a popular social and emotional learning site


(Early Childhood thru Grade 5)

Helpful Ways To Talk About Feelings
(Ages 7-12)

Getting Started with Kimochis
(Ages 7-12)
Feeling Chart

Be A Feeling Detective
(Ages 3-6)
Beginner Feeling Chart

Color Your Own Feelings
Coloring Book

Coloring Worksheet

kids who struggle with focus...

"Distance learning has been challenging for lots of kids, for different reasons. But for kids who struggle with focus, it can present new obstacles. Coping with focus problems under these circumstances can be frustrating for you and your child. You may wonder how you’re going to get through it."

This resource can help you understand the challenges. It can also help you find quick and simple ways to help your child focus when schooling is happening at home.

8 Ways Distance Learning Makes It Harder to Focus School shutdowns because of COVID-19 have caused upheaval and distraction for all students. Some k…

How to Make a Portable Schoolwork Station It’s hard for kids to learn at home without having a place where they can sit and concentrate. A por…

6 Ways to Help Your Child Focus Trouble focusing can be a long-term or short-term challenge. Either way, it makes learning hard. It…

7 Examples of Focus “Wins” When Your Child Is Learning at Home Many kids who struggle with focus have a hard time with distance learning. It’s not surprising, gi…

and when you want to solve family problems....

it's not too late, and it's free - a mindful month of June

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Flower Breath Mindful Minute with Counselor Keri
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ending the School Year at Home

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heart mind live webinar

Heart-Mind Live Webinar

"Back to school isn't easy in the best of times. As we carve out a new normal in the classroom in the midst of COVID-19, our kids need our social-emotional support more than ever.

This free webinar is designed for parents and caregivers to learn evidence-informed, practical ways to cope with uncertainty and anxiety in order to guide their children through this challenging transitional time" The Dalai Lama Center

with what is going on in the world currently, I thought I would include some ideas for addressing racism...

you will find "Beyond the Golden Rule" at the bottom of the newsletter.

"Whether you are the parent of a 3-year-old who is curious about why a friend’s skin is brown, the parent of a 9-year-old who has been called a slur because of his religion, or the parent of a 15-year-old who snubs those outside of her social clique at school, this book is designed to help you teach your children to honour the differences in themselves and in others — and to reject prejudice and intolerance." from Beyond the Golden Rule

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