ATS Garage Sale

The American School Of Tampico

Cooming Soon

Garage Sale!

ATS organizes a garage sale each year for people who live nearby school, mostly people in Tancol who needs furniture or items for a cheap prize during this winter season. This is a great opportunity for you to donate things and be caring.

ATS Garage Sale

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 10am

Calle Hidalgo 100, Tancol, 89320 Tampico, TAMPS

Gates will open at 10:00am.
Garage Sale will take place at the cover courts.


8:00-10:00am - Line Up/Arrive to ATS.

10:00am - ATS gates will open.

10:00-2:00 pm - You can buy items.

2:00 pm - Garage Sale ends, gates will close.