Endanger species of Hawaii

Description Notes:

This animal is a bird, it's body is covered by feathers. The average height is 4 inches and the average weight is 4-10 grams. The communication it uses is cheeping and unusual characteristics is the cross-bill.

Food Chain Notes:

They get their food from Koa tress, they eat leaves, caterpillars, and sometimes the plant nectar from Koa tress. This kind of bird is a herbivore but rarely eats small caterpillars,or other bugs. It's not a predator because it gets everything it needs from the Koa trees, but Akepa's are prey though; rats like to eat Akepa birds.

Habitat Notes:

This kind of bird lives in North America in the state of Hawaii. They live in the tropical jungles of Hawaii but they like to be in high elevated place like the mountains. The climate in Hawaii is tropical sometimes hot, they live in nests on the Koa tree.
عصفور عقبة هاواي

Adaptation Notes:

When in danger this bird just flies away or hides behind trees or leaves. They get everything they need such as food from Koa trees. So they use their mouth, and sometimes hide in the trucks of Koa trees.

Reason for Endangerment:

This animal is endanger because people are cutting down tress in the tropical mountains of Hawaii. And just destroying these poor birds homes, they would try to protect but they cant do much besides flying away or hide.