Hurricane Katrina

America's worst natural disaster Timeline

August 23,2005

Tropical Depression 12 forms over the Bahamas ;it will eventually strengthen and become hurricane Katrina.

August 25,2005

Katrina has strengthened and is now a hurricane.

Strong winds: 75 MPH.

August 27,2005

Katrina becomes a category three hurricane.

Strong winds: 115 MPH.

August 28,2005

Katrina becomes a category four hurricane. Tens of thousands of people start evacuating.

Strong winds: 145 MPH.

August 29,2005

The hurricane begins passing through New Orleans. A levee wall collapses and water starts flooding streets.

Strong winds: 135 MPH.

August 30,2005

Flood water continues to flood New Orleans.

September 2,2005

A convoy of U.S. National Guard troops and supply trucks arrives in New Orleans and hands survivors food and water at the super dome .Congress approves 10.5 billion dollars in aid for Hurricane Katrina rescue and relief, and President George W. Bush signs the bill.

September 6,2005

Congress returns to Washington and begins hearings on the Bush administration's handling of the disaster.
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