Effects of Ovevrpopulation

On the Environment in Europe

Overpopulation And What Can Be Done

The population of Europe is supposed to substantially increase by the year 2050. But there is a problem; the natural resources in Europe are being substantially diminishing. There are many things you can do about overpopulation. You can grow your own food or start a local garden, which in turn saves money, and help to become active in helping protect human rights. Another thing you can do is petition to make a greenbelt. Greenbelts are large amounts of land surrounding a town or city. This leaves more room to live, which means that the area wouldn't be as densely populated. This increases sanitation and many other aspects of life.
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New Farming Laws Destroy Homes For Birds

To increase food production across Europe, the ripping up of hedgerows, draining of wetlands and the plowing over of meadows has destroyed homes and food for farmland birds. The population numbers of linnets, turtle doves and lapwings have as a result gone down dramatically. This dramatic incline in deforestation is blamed on major changes in new farming policies enforced by the European Union over the last 30 years.
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Acid Rain And Solutions

Acid Rain is created when two chemicals sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are thrown into the atmosphere. These are emitted through the burning of coal, and from the use of gasoline-burning cars. After the gases are emitted into the atmosphere, they react with the water droplets in clouds and in the air, creating chemical reactions. After reactions occur, acid falls from the sky in either the form of wet or dry acid deposition. There are two major solutions for acid rain: Prevention and Clean Up. Acid rain can by prevented by burning low sulfur coal, using the cap and trade industry, and by using and burning less sulfur in gas. Clean up of acidic rain is much more expensive, and one of the main ideas is to add lime to lakes, in order to make the lake less acidic.
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Essential Question

How does overpopulation effect the environment in a large region in Europe?