Mountains and Basins

By: Britney, Anisha, Keira, Chariotte, and Jackson

Major Cites By: Britney

El Paso is the Mountains and Basins most popular city. Fort Davis and Alpine are both cites in the Mountain Reagin. The two Major cites are El Paso and Parsidio . The Big Bend national park it is a point of intrest there. The Gaudalupe Mountains are also a point of intrest there.

"West Teaxs" By: Anisha

The area of West Teaxs known as the Trans Pecos Wildlife District is the only area where mountain and desert habits are both found. The Edwards Plateau ecological of ecological area meets the Trans Pecos, Mountains and Basins area Peos in Winkler, and Eotor.

Landforms and Geographical Places (Big Bend) By: Keira

Big Beng National Park was established in the Mountains and Basins regain. President Franklen Rooseveltset aside this regain to become a National Park. Over 300,000 people visit the park each year. They come to hike and trail they also sit in the hot springs. People belive that making national park was good and very positive for Americans.

West Teaxs Animals By: Jackson

Badger: it's a value to help wild animals. Bear: They move over to east Teaxs. Catlie: It's a relitive of the raccoon. Chipmunk: It's in public reference. Coyote: It's mostly found in the South.

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This is the Mountains and Basins