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June 5-June 9

This Week

This week we will review all consonants and short vowel sounds again. Please continue to review the vowel sounds with your student at home. We continue to work on adding details to our sentences and including nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. When reading with your student please have them identify the different parts in a sentence. Can they find the noun, adjective, and verb (if there is one)? As of this week, I will no longer be sending home a take home book in a bag. However, there will still be two paper books that come home weekly. Please have your child read this book to you at home. It is important that students continue reading NIGHTLY. I would encourage you to visit the library and look for some fun books to read.

ELA: All consonant and vowel sounds

Spelling: Review of: where, is, go, come, that, what, from, four, of, when-THESE ARE THE SAME WORDS AS LAST WEEK.

Students should be reviewing how to write these words nightly.

Math: Numbers to 100 continued.




For the remainder of the year please check the return side of your student's folder for their assigned homework. We are reviewing so homework may differ from student to student and day to day depending on what we are doing.

Monday: Check the "return" side of the folder

Tuesday: Check the "return" side of the folder. Field Day is tomorrow from 9:30-11.

Wednesday: Check the "return" side of the folder

Thursday: Check the "return" side of the folder. Tomorrow is a half day.

Friday: Check the "return" side of the folder