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April 2nd-6th

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Message from Mission Control

* I hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend. This is going to a BUSY next few weeks, so make sure to read everything in the newsletter and emails that come through, as that will be our primary way of communicating important events/schedule changes.

* A HUGE shout out goes to Tammie and the Elk Junior Council for their hard work planning the dance last Thursday! Thanks to Lindsey, Kelly Stowe, Patty, Amarisa, Laura Lee, Amy P, Christine, Melisa Rushing, and anyone else who helped set up, take down, and participate on Thursday. It was fun to see the kids let loose, dance and enjoy their time!

* We seem to be having some concerns with communication (or lack there of) from parents lately. Please make sure you are regularly contacting parents about ANY issues (behavior, attendance, grades, etc.) that you may have. I have gotten numerous phone calls in the past 2 weeks, it seems, of parents upset or frustrated because they have not heard from the teacher or have not been told about low grades, etc. Remember, we have gotten A LOT of new students this year, and these parents are not aware of our grading policy, our procedures, our curriculum, etc. Please make sure to establish communication with these parents, as this gives them the first impression of Elkins as well as EMS-ISD. It would be a good idea to have an introductory conference with new students' parents, so that they can meet you, see the classroom, find out the expectations and classroom/campus procedures, etc. This goes a long way in making them feel comfortable.

* We have had several teachers express concerns over how to handle behavior situations, especially with students who might be on a behavior plan, either through SPED, 504, or just a general ed plan. We are expressing those concerns to specialists to accommodate that request. Please remember that a SPED student who is on a BIP MUST have a filled out behavior point sheet each day. This is how their conduct grade will be determined. If/when, we ever request additional assistance for students, these point sheets will be what are used to determine the need. If a student is exhibiting problems in the classroom, in specials, at recess, etc., it needs to be documented on the point sheet in order to data track and show the areas of need. If you have questions, please ask.

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Campus News

* It's time for Elks of the Month. Please send names/forms to Lilly! Thanks in advance for those of you who have already sent them!

* Dr. Parker will be on campus tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:45 for a visit. She just scheduled the visit, so I apologize for the short notice.

* Tomorrow is also individual spring pictures. Make sure to remind them to dress for pictures tomorrow!

* The Color Run is THIS Thursday! I hope you are planning to attend. A HUGE shout out goes to Leslie and Melanie for all of their hard work. Also, shout out to Lilly and Nancy who worked to make some pretty awesome hats/visors for the run!!

* Make sure to read the email that Vicki sent this morning about the change in specials on Thursday. This change is to allow Melanie and Leslie to set up for the run, so if you are scheduled for PE on Thursday, make sure to look to see where you will go.

* Clubs are THIS Friday! Make sure to follow the club schedule on Friday and make sure to remind your students of where to go! Also, just a reminder to have a list of your kids, so if we need to call for a student for early release, that you will know their location.

* STAAR testing is NEXT WEEK! The campus will be closed for visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday, so please make sure to advertise that to your students' families! Make sure to review the schedule that Bobby has sent, so are aware of the changes that will be taking place. As always, thanks for everyone's flexibility so that we can ensure the students have a successful testing environment!

* Speaking of STAAR, we WILL have Sonic breakfast burritos next Tues/Wed morning for 5th grade. 3rd/4th grade will get the burritos during our May testing. Make sure to send your student to the cafeteria on Tues/Wed to get a burrito, if they get to your classroom and have not gotten one. Please remind them that they must eat in the cafeteria (unless you have them bring to the classroom). They cannot take the burritos to the gym.

* Just a reminder, I close on my house on Monday (4/9), so I won't be at school. I will be here Tuesday and Wednesday for STAAR, and then I will be out again on Thursday and Friday to unpack. I will have my phone with me, though, so feel free to text, email, or call!

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Great Expecations

This year, we will be implementing our GE life principles during announcements, as well as having the opportunity for kids to respond using the white interactive papers in the hallway (formerly used for vocabulary).

Each life principle will be talked about during a 1 week period. You will be getting the schedule sent this week, and it will also be posted on the One Note staff portal. We will discuss on announcements, and students will have the opportunity to write (or draw) how they show this life principle. For example, the first one is self discipline. They can write on the paper how they show or can use self discipline. This will require thinking and application... so it brings in the higher levels. We will talk about the expectations of how this will be used on the announcements, so the students are familiar with what is acceptable.

Just as the vocabulary has been done in the past, the life principles will remain posted on the wall, so that the students can see them and refer back to them. The Elk of the Month will be chosen based on the life principles that have been discussed for the month. Each student chosen will not have to demonstrate ALL of the life principles, but one or more.

This week, our life principle is:

Initiative: to act, take charge, to make a change

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Tuesday, April 3rd:

Individual Spring pictures

Dr. Parker here for visit at 1:45 pm

Thursday, April 5th:

Color Run @ 6:00 pm

Friday, April 6th:

Clubs Today (follow Clubs schedule)

Monday, April 9th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Tuesday, April 10th:

STAAR Testing: 4th Grade Writing

5th Grade Math

Wednesday, April 11th:

STAAR Testing: 5th Grade Reading

Thursday, April 12th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Friday, April 13th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Thursday, April 19th:

KG pictures

Friday, April 20th:

KG Transportation Parade @ 2:00

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