A Long Walk To Water

By: John and Adrianne

About the Author

Linda Sue Park was born on March 25, 1960 in Urbana, Illinois. Her parents were Korean immigrants. She began growing to love reading and writing which impacted her by writing stories and poems since she was 4 years old. She was so good at writing, her haiku was published in a Children's Magazine. During elementary and high school, she had several more poems published. Linda went to Stanford University, competed in a gymnastics team, and graduated with a degree in English. Linda Sue published many other books for young people such as, A Single Shard, which was awarded the 2002 Newbery Medal (Linda Sue Park).

A Long Walk To Water Information

One of the many books Linda published is, A Long Walk To Water. "Feel the heat,fear,and uncertainty as you walk with 11-year-old Salva, who in 1985 is fleeing his homeland of Northern Sudan" (IndieBound). Salva is fleeing Sudan due to a civil war going on in Sudan in 1985. Read about the 11 year old boy who is separated from his family who journeys in search of safety from the war and a safe place to sleep, but be alert because as this young man travels he encounters armed rebels, fierce lions,and wild crocodiles. The boy also faces many tragedies and events that make you want to cry (BookRags).

Continuation of Information on A Long Walk To Water

Nya's part of the story intersects with Salva's.In her story she is in the year of 2008 when she is 11 years old. She lives in Southern Sudan while war rages between the South and North due to religious beliefs. "Everyday Nya walks twice a day to fetch water for her family during the wet season, but moves to a larger lake during the dry season because the pond dried up. "One day when she moves to the lake camp a man approaches her Uncle the chief with very big news that will change the way they live for centuries to come (bookrags.com).