Siegrist Elementary


Kim and I would like to wish each of you a well deserved relaxing week off. Take time to rejuvenate and Sharpen the Saw. We don't have much time left with the kids but it is the most important time. It is going to slip by and we will be packing up our rooms before you know it.

Collaborative Work (Improvement Team) Grant

I received this email :

As part of the Collaborative Work project, you should have recently received a link to distribute the School Implementation Scale to your school’s instructional staff. Thus far, this survey has been taken by 3 Rising Star Elem. staff members. If this does not yet represent all instructional staff in your school, please consider sending your staff a reminder and redistributing the survey link:

Please take the survey as soon as possible. It is due March 25th.

PTA president and VP for Compass

As many of you know, the PTA is staying one unified PTA for both Compass and Siegrist. There will be a President and two VPresidents (one for Compass and one for Siegrist). They are looking for a PTA president and a VP for Compass. If you have a parent that you think would do a good job please encourage them to throw their name in the hat. They can contact Kim Archer (who is on the nominating committee). Feel free to encourage this through your weekly newsletters.

Important Dates Coming Up...

Monday, 3/21- Friday 3/25


Monday, 3/28

Black out day

Reports card emailed home

Tuesday, 3/29

Admin out for meetings in the afternoon

Wednesday, 3/30

Team meetings

Thursday, 3/31

New Seigrist staff meeting 4:30pm at Coordinates location

Friday, 4/1


Hoops for Heart Open Gym 4pm-6pm


Don't hesitate to Jen here, or Kim here!


Keep De Sanneman in your thoughts and prayers. She has been experiencing pain in her armpit and is going to have a fishy lymph-node looked at.


Congratulations, Chelsey for being offered a contract to teach at Platte County- Siegrist next year!