By: Zach Gwynne

Macbeth's Downfall

Macbeth’s downfall was caused by Macbeth listening to the three witch sisters at the beginning when they tell him he’s going to become king. “All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter” (Act 1, scene 3). After the witches say all these things that were going to happen to Macbeth, he listens to them instead of just walking away. Since Macbeth is supposedly going to become king there is only one way for him to and that's killing King Duncon himself. He kills the king and then becomes king but starts acting crazy. He remembers that the witches say that Banqou’s kids will become king so he tries to kill Banquo and his son but his son escapes. “Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! Beware Macduff; Beware the Thane of Fife. Dismiss me. Enough” (Act 4, Scene 1). The witches tell Macbeth to fear Macduff and he listens to them. “The pow’r of man, for none of woman born Shall harm Macbeth” (Act 4, Scene 1) he believes the witches that no man born from a woman should be able to hurt him but learns later that Macduff wasn’t born of a woman and Macduff kills Macbeth. If Macbeth would have just walked away from the three witches none of this would have happen in the first place and he would still be alive.