Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 18th September, 2015

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Welcome to the Year 6 Newsletter

Thank you Year 6 parents for taking the time to come along to Meet the Teacher Evening. It was a pleasant evening for everyone and a good chance to meet you all.

Today we celebrated World Peace Day at Kennedy ( September 21st International Peace Day ) The children enjoyed Art and Design activities while thinking about the important messages peace organisations and charities give us.

General Notices;

  • Please check the Camp button on the VLE to find the suggested kit list for Year 6 camp.

  • Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your PPS account to cover the fees for APA camp.

  • Please check that you have updated your Gateway account with all relevant medical information for your child. Any changes of phone numbers or emergency contacts also need to be recorded. before the 28th of September.

  • Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate school uniform. Reminder please; no jewellery to be worn at school, except watches.

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Leadership influences the members of a community

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Responsibilities of leaders and the communities (responsibility)

  • Representation of opinions within a community (perspective)

  • How societal decision-making has an impact on communities (causation)

In Social Studies we are focusing on the strand of “Human systems and economic activities”. We will be considering the roles and responsibilities of leaders, the impact of the ways leaders exercise their leadership, and also exploring the distribution of power and authority within personal, regional and global contexts. Students will consider “circles of viewpoints” when discussing the different perspective’s people have. We will be using the Thinking Hats to determine the possibilities and challenges around different types of leadership and the decisions leaders make. Finally, students will have the opportunity to inquire into a leader of their choice and share their interpretation of the approaches, decisions and impact of the decisions made by this person.

Moving on: the children have been spending time on their individual inquiries. They have been organising sources and references into a Blendspace and continuing to answer their research questions.

Over the next two weeks the children will decide on the way they would like to present their conculsions.

Democracy in Action

Year 5 and 6 experienced democracy in action this week by having the opportunity to vote for their house captains. The candidates presented to their housemates and worked hard to try and gain their vote. Staff and children took time out of their lunch time to vote...


our worthy winners were;

LIONS - Colin Singson and Saira Vasnani

UNICORNS - Jono Adams and Poppy Hughes

DRAGONS - Isabel Hay and Nicolas Yu

PHOENIX - Ryan Lee and Lola Richardson

Paul Zimmerman

We also welcomed Paul Zimmerman the local councillor for Pok Fu Lam into school this week. He spoke to the children about how the government in Hong Kong is organised and spent time answering a lot of thought provoking questions.
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We have continued to revisit core number skills, with a specific focus on place value: this includes recognizing, ordering, comparing and using positive and negative numbers.

Coming up: Handling real life data- analysis of statistical data and finding different kinds of averages- Mean/Median /Mode


During this unit we will be learning about different leadership styles through drama and role play scenarios. We will also be revisiting the essential elements of writing narrative texts, and extending these skills as we develop ourselves as authors.

Coming up: opportunities for extended story writing and publishing and exposition writing.

PSE Connections within our unit of inquiry:

Monday 21st September will be UN International Day or Peace. This week the children had the opportunity to explore charities and NGO"s which promote peace. They listened and responded empathetically to stories about peace and had the opportunity to explore peace logos and express themselves through Art.

Important Dates:

28 September - school closed Public Holiday

1 October - school closed - Public Holiday

2 October - school closed - CPD Day

6-9 October - Year 6 APA Camp

19-23 October - HALF TERM HOLIDAY