Colombia 5 Argentina O

September 5, 1993

Colombia vs Argentina

Tuesday, Oct. 5th 1993 at 9pm

7597 Avenida Pres. Figueroa Alcorta

Buenos Aires

Come see Colombia beat Argentina by a awesome 5 vs 0!!

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" El Pibe"

Carlos Valderrama was bon in Santa Marta on September 2, 1961. He is consider one of the best players in Colombia's history. He took Colombia to the World Cup 3 of the 4 times they've gone to it. He went to the Italy's, United State's, and France's World Cup. He participated on the game that Colombia made a historic win over Argentina, which was a quallyfing game for the US1994 World Cup. He played as a 10 in the Colombian team (midfield). He played in Colombia in teams like Junior, Cali, DIM, and Union Magdalena. Then he went to Europe and played in France and Spain. In france he played for Montpellier and in Spain he played for Real Valladolid. He then went to United States were he finished his career. In United States he palyed for: Tampa Bay, Miami Fusion, and Colorado Rapids were he finished his career in 2002.

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Faustino Asprilla

Faustino Asprilla was born in Tulua, Colombia on November 10, 1969. He is consider one of the most important forward in the history of Colombia. With El Pibe, he was one of the players that beat Argentina 5 vs 0. In this excellent match he scored 2 goals. He participated with Colombia in 2 World Cups. This two World Cups he participated in were located in the United States 1994, and in France 1998. He was a really good player, but he had too much problems outside the field. He had many nicknames like "Tino", "Fausto", " La Gacela Negra", and "The Octopus." In Colombia he played in Cucuta, Nacional and Cortulua (where he retired). He also played 2 times in Parma, a soccer team from Italy. He also went to England and played for Newcasttle, he made history in this club. He went to Brazil and played for Fluminense and for Palmeiras. He also played in clubs from Argentina, Chile and Mexico. He scored about a total of 198 in his career.

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Freddy Rincon

Freddy Rincon was born in Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca on August 14, 1966. He was also part of the team that made the historic win against Argentina. He was an ofensive midfielder with great technique and physical strenght. His nickname was " El Coloso de Buenaventura". This nickname was given to him because he was a very big strong guy. He was able to play the World Cup three times with the Colombian team. He went to Italy 1990, USA1994, and France 1998. He was crucial in the game versus Germany in Italy 1990 scoring the goal that made them pass to the next round. He was a very important player throughout his time playing in the Colombian team. He started playing in Atletico Buenaventura in 1983. He also play in Colombian clubs like Santa Fe and America de Cali. He played in Italy for Napoli in 1994. In this club he made 7 goals total. Then, in 1995 he moved to Spain and played for Real Madrid scoring just 2 goals. The rest of his career he played in Brazil in Palmerias, Corinthians, Santos, and Cruzeiros. In Brazil he made a total of 22 goals.

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Leonel Alvarez

Leonel de Jesus Alvarez Zuleta was born in Remedios, Antioquia on July 29, 1965. He grew up to be a former professional soccer player. After retiring, he continue to be part of soccer being manager of many teams incuding Colombia's team. He is now Deportivo Cali's manager. During his career as a player he played along el Pibe, Asprilla, and Rincon in Colombian Soccer team. He went to Italy 1990, and USA 1994 with Colombia to play both World Cups. He started his professional career playing for Independiente Medellin in 1983. He then played for Nacional, DIM'S archirival. In 1990 he went to Europe and started playing for Real Valladolid with other Colombians. In 1992, he went back to Colombia and palyed for Deportivo Cali. Four years later he moved to the US and played for the Dallas Burn. After one year he moved to play with New England Revolution. The last four years he played for Deportes Quindio, Deportivo Pereira, and then went back to Deportes Quindio were he finished his succesful career.

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Carlos VALDERRAMA keep and pass compilation - christinayan

October 5, 1993

It was a very hostile day. Argentinian fans kept doing noise in front of Colombia's concentration hotel, so they couldn't sleep peacefully. It was the big day for Colombia. If they draw they would secure a place to the World Cup played in 1994 held by the United States. If they won they would make Argentina play the play offs against Australia. Even tough, it was very difficult to obtain that result against that team in that stadium they could do it.They were playing really good soccer and were the sensation of the moment. Playing against Argentina in their country is really tough. Their fans make you feel uncomfortable while playing. They treat you and your fans very rood.

Well, the match was about to begin. Both teams were in their lockers making the last reviews and instructions they were following. In the preview of the game Maradona, famous soccer player from Argentina, said that always Colombia was going to be in the bottom and Argentina would always overpass Colombia. He said that Colombians were not a balanced competition for his Country. This statements generated lots of controversy after the match because of the abrupt result. It was going to be a very tense match because it was a decisive match. Both teams were in top form and in a classification spot for the following World Cup. Even tough, they were classifying in that moment, they wanted to secure that place and go directly to the World Cup. Colombia was the sensation of the moment. In lots of parts all over the World, people started to think Colombia as a possible winner of the maximum competition.

Both teams were in the field. The match was about to begin. The Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina was full. After all the acts of protocol the match started. Argentina started to have the ball. They were attacking most of the time. They were playing very good, but they did not concrete their chances. It seemed the game was going to be difficult for Colombia. Argentina had about 5 clear chances of scoring, but they didn't. Colombia seemed to be passing a hard time. Until all changed for completely. The first half was ending, it was minute 41 and Colombia was attacking. El pibe had the ball he dribbled until he saw Freddy Rincon moving foward into the box with great potential. El Pibe managed to make an awesome pass that let Rincon alone versus the goal keeper. Rincon with great technique overpassed the goal keeper and pushed the goal into the net. It was the first and unique goal of the first half. Colombia was winning but there was still 45 minutes. The result didn't seem much because the game was pretty closed. Both teams went back to the field to keep the game going. Colombia was looking for more goals to secure the win. Just 5 minutes of the second half were gone and colombia had concrete its second goal. This was when Asprilla received the ball inside the box dribbled pass the defenders and made a great low shot that ended up being Colombia's second goal. The stadium was silenced for completely. Colombia was winning by two goals. 23 mintues after the second goal the third one came. Colombia was on fire, they were in a really good state. Leonel Alvarez was going right down the left side of the box (looking as if you were him) and decided to make a cross into the box that Rincon took care of and throw it directly to the back of the net. IT was impressive how they were playing. 2 minutes after Asprilla gain the ball in the middle of the field went running into the box, making a fint and then making a sutile baseline over Goycochea which made the score line 4 vs 0. The last goal came after a great pass that Asprilla did to Rincon through lines, which Rincon reached and concrete the historic win over Argentina, 6 minutes before the match was about to end. . It was a great match that will be remember for always. 33 Million people were enthusiastic and happy of having these unique win over such a team.

This information was taken from stories I have heard about and from the first video above.